Here I develop notes from relevant areas of science, history, and philosophy outlining my worldview and why I think it is likely true, with a focus on science and history as they relate to origins.

Below is a short but growing list of topics:


  1. Perspectives on Evolution 
  2. Appearance of Design
  3. The Design Inference
  4. Junk DNA
  5. Simple Arguments in the Evolution Debate


  1. Slavery and Social Welfare in the Old Testament
  2. Warfare and Conquest in the Old Testament


  1. Origins Search Engine
  2. Christian Apologetics Search


Summaries and compilations of topics in a format useful for teaching.

Christianity, Science, and History:

  1. Introduction to apologetics
  2. Fine Tuning in Physics
  3. Origin of Life / Perspectives
  4. Evolutionary Theory
  5. Design in Biology
  6. Age of the Earth / Problem of Evil
  7. The Resurrection


  1. Be objective as possible.
  2. Prefer data-points over opinions.
  3. Primarily cite neutral or hostile sources
  4. Link to the original complete context of all sources for easy verification.
  5. Learn as I go.
  6. Sometimes I'm wrong--be open to feedback and accept corrections.


These notes represent my own efforts to undersatnd the origins and worldview debates. I'm not a scientist, historian, theologian, or philosopher and it's possible my lack of understanding may lead to error, although I try my best.

All bible verses are from the New English Translation unless otherwise noted.

Everything on this site (except for sources I cite) is placed in the public domain.

But trying to think like one in order to understand the world.

This site is a work in progress and is mostly incomplete.